• An inclusive workplace tool proven to increase overall wellbeing.

  • Delivered through an easy-to-use app, enabling employees to buddy up and support each other.
  • Two thirds of participants say buddyboost creates a sense of camaraderie even though they may be working from home.

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How buddyboost works

buddyboost is a workplace wellbeing tool, which allows employees to buddy-up and to support each other to complete some physical activity every day and track their mood.

It’s based on a simple and inclusive challenge format, which is also designed to build employee engagement. The buddyboost app, complete with your company branding and private workplace community feed, gives colleagues somewhere to share pictures and comments from their daily exercise, and to motivate and cheer each other on. So, whether they are working apart or back in the workplace, they’ve got something fun and social to do together.

And, best of all, it really does give their mood a boost at a time when it is increasingly important for organisations to support their eomployees’ wellbeing.

buddyboost addresses at least 4 of the CIPD’s 7 domains of wellbeing.

Mental & Physical Health




buddyboost works – especially for inactive people


41% increase in mood among inactive

64% of users said buddyboost created a sense of camaraderie among colleagues

38% more activity was completed by buddies than individuals

25% average increase in mood

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We are proud to have partnered with a wide range of clients including Sky, Stagecoach Group, St James’s Place, The NHS and a host of other companies across many different sectors. Despite very different working environments, the results are consistent: buddyboost helps people to be more active, gives employees a significant mood boost, creates a sense of camaraderie and shows employees that their employer cares about their wellbeing.

Mood boost

At the start of the challenge employees register their general mood on the app. This is then compared to the mood they log after completing their daily exercise. And, in case you’re wondering, after doing exercise nearly 90% of all buddyboosters report as feeling ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’, with an average mood boost of 25% seen across all our workplace challenges. It really does work!

Our end of challenge impact reports provide in-depth insight across a range of measures.

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buddyboost was co-founded by Robert Tansey, the leader of Sky’s ‘Skyride’ cycling programme and Ian Malcolm, who has previously led large human resource functions.

buddyboost’s development has been supported by a range of experts, each of whom were motivated by their own workplace experiences, and their sincere belief that being active and helping others to do the same is a good way to stay healthier and happier.


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