Buddyboost is a wellbeing platform that delivers high levels of engagement

  • Unique buddy system and community features, which help people build healthy habits together
  • A range of programmes to improve overall wellbeing, increase physical activity, reduce stress, re-energize and spark creativity
  • Delivered through a fun and easy-to-use app

How Buddyboost works

Buddyboost is a wellbeing engagement platform, which uses a unique buddy system and community features to encourage people to come together and help each other form healthy and happy habits.

Using our fun and simple app to complete monthly challenges, people buddy-up and support each other to do something that’s good for them every day for 26 days, while sharing with their colleagues what they’ve been up to in the app’s Community Feed.

Thousands of people across organisations of all shapes and sizes have taken part in our Buddyboost active challenge – doing just 26 minutes of exercise a day – and seen their mood boosted by an average of 25%.

Buddyboost timeout helps people de-stress and re-energise, and Buddyboost good food will help them to eat a little better.

And clients just love the kind of engagement rates they’ve never seen before

Buddyboost Active

Buddy-up and support each other to complete 26 minutes of exercise a day for 26 days to improve your physical and mental wellbeing

Buddyboost Time Out

Buddy-up and encourage each other to take 26 minutes out of your day to do something you love. Refresh, re-set, re-energise.

Buddyboost Good Food

Buddy-up and follow our daily bite-sized programme on how to eat (and cook) a little better.

Buddyboost works – especially for those who need it most

Our first programme, buddyboost active, has proved incredibly popular, and has had a huge positive impact on the wellbeing of people who were previously inactive.

15,000+ Downloads

41% increase in mood among inactive

64% of users said buddyboost created a sense of camaraderie among colleagues

38% more activity was completed by buddies than individuals

25% average increase in mood across all participants

Mood boost

When they first download the app, users give a rating for their general mood. This is then compared to the mood they log after completing their daily activity. And, in case you’re wondering, after doing 26 minutes of exercise during a buddyboost active challenge, nearly 90% of all buddyboosters report as feeling ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’, with an average mood boost of 25% seen across all our workplace challenges. It really does work!

Our end of challenge impact reports provide in-depth insight across a range of measures.

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Buddyboost was co-founded by Robert Tansey, the leader of Sky’s ‘Skyride’ cycling programme and Ian Malcolm, who has previously led large human resource functions.

Buddyboost’s development has been supported by a range of experts, each of whom were motivated by their own workplace experiences, and their sincere belief that being active and helping others to do the same is a good way to stay healthier and happier.