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Meet the team behind buddyboost

Robert Tansey


Robert was the instigator and leader of Sky’s involvement in cycling – an initiative that sparked the UK cycling boom and inspired over 1.5m people to become regular cyclists.

Although seeing Team Sky winning all the big races was great, what really excited Robert was seeing the impact on so many people’s everyday lives and their overall wellbeing. Inside Sky itself, enthusiasm for cycling really took off and had a noticeable effect not just on workplace wellbeing, but also on engagement across the company, as people who previously didn’t know each other built strong relationships through a shared endeavour.

The seeds for buddyboost were planted through these two insights: that being active boosts physical and mental wellbeing; and that buddy power is a wonderful thing.

Robert is delighted that so many organisations are embracing buddyboost and seeing the measurable benefits it is bringing into the workplace.

Ian Malcolm


Before co-founding buddyboost, Ian saw first-hand the importance of workplace wellbeing in his role as a CFO in the logistics industry. Shift work, physically demanding work and poor diet were all too often shrugged off as ‘part of the job’. Ian’s role included responsibility for the UK HR function across several locations, and during his time the importance of wellbeing was promoted, leading to better outcomes for both employees and the company.

With buddyboost Ian wanted to take the opportunity to improve workplace wellbeing across as many industries and people as possible.

Catrin Rowlands


Cat has been a ‘Fixer’ across too many sectors to mention, including law, executive search and family office. She joined the buddyboost team because she wants to bring to other the people the benefits she found herself from making exercise part of her daily life.

Having found herself in that familiar rut of working too hard and socialising too hard, Cat got together with a group of friends and joined an early morning outdoor bootcamp. Seeing an almost immediate boost to her fitness, mood and wellbeing, she has never looked back.

Ralph Tribe

Board Member

Ralph is co-founder of B-People, a consultancy specialising in People and ESG Strategy acceleration. Prior to that he led HR in a number of FTSE/NYSE companies including Ascential plc, Sky UK & Ireland, BT Design and Getty Images Inc. Having seen the power and value created by well-crafted employee health and wellbeing programmes in a number of corporate environments he has enthusiastically joined the Board of buddyboost, regarding it as the most focused, practical, effective and research-based wellbeing platform in the market. buddyboost’s overarching aim is to help everyone feel healthier and happier, enhancing all sorts of workplace relationships in the process. Ralph takes the view that ideal is simple but not easy… except buddyboost makes it easy by keeping it simple

Star buddies

Our Star Buddies are here to join you and your employees in a buddyboost challenge. They’ll help launch the initiative with an inspirational webinar, do their daily 26 minutes and share tips and stories in your company’s buddyboost community feed.

Star Buddies are an optional extra and we’ll find the right personality to meet the needs of your organisation. You can read more about two of them below.

Samantha Kinghorn

Ambassador and Star Buddy

Sammi Kinghorn is a world champion para-athlete who suffered a life-changing accident on her family farm when she was fourteen. Just four years later she was competing in front of a full house at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and, as a Scot, it was an unforgettable place to make her major championship debut. After making the finals of the 100m, 400m and 800m of the Paralympics in Rio, she went on to win the 100m and 200m at the World Championships in 2017 and is now preparing for this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

Having seen how being active has transformed her own life, Sammi likes to inspire other people to do the same. As a buddyboost Ambassador and Star Buddy, she takes part in our clients’ challenges and launches them with an unforgettable session on her life story.

Tony Lester

Star Buddy

Tony joined the army aged 18 and saw active service in Northern Ireland and the first Gulf War. During the latter years of his military career, he took his athletics coaching qualifications and went on to coach some of Britain’s best sprinters during the 1990s and 2000s. Six of his athletes, including Roger Black, Nicola Sanders and Marlon Devonish went on to win Olympic and World Championship medals.

Having spent the last decade at Sky, his coaching expertise now goes well beyond athletics and focuses on helping people understand the practical things they can do to make a significant difference in their professional and personal performance – whether you are a CEO or a front-line worker. He has also had a huge input into a range of workplace wellbeing initiatives at Sky making it a healthier and happier place to work.

As a Star Buddy, Tony brings all this experience to bear in our clients’ challenges in his inimitable no-nonsense style.

buddyboost has been developed with a range of experts, supporting the buddyboost team who were motivated to develop the product based on their workplace experiences, but also their sincere belief that being active and helping a friend is a way to stay healthier and happier.

The Sheffield Hallam University AWRC is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the population through innovations that help people move.  AWRC are helping buddyboost understand its impact on making people healthier and happier.

Affinity Health at Work is an occupational psychology consultancy and has supported buddyboost in developing its workplace product. 

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