About us

buddyboost has been developed with a range of experts, supporting the buddyboost team who were motivated to develop the product based on their workplace experiences, but also their sincere belief that being active and helping a friend is a way to stay healthier and happier.

The Sheffield Hallam University AWRC is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the population through innovations that help people move.  AWRC are helping buddyboost understand its impact on making people healthier and happier.

Just Global HR provides buddyboost with strategic advice on making buddyboost effective in the workplace.

Affinity Health at Work is an occupational psychology consultancy and has supported buddyboost in developing its workplace product. 

Robert Tansey

Robert held a range of senior marketing and communications roles in a 15-year career at Sky. During that time, he was the instigator and leader of Sky’s involvement in cycling. The partnership with British Cycling and the creation of Team Sky sparked the UK cycling boom and inspired over 1.5m people to become regular cyclists. From personal experience, Robert knows that being active has a big impact on how he feels and hopes that buddyboost will do the same for many others.

The buddyboost team has decades of experience working at senior levels in large organisations across the human resources, operations and marketing functions. This allows us to appreciate what is important in making a happier workplace.

buddyboost would not have been possible without co-founder Ian Malcolm plus team members Catrin Rowlands, Ted Moss and Jenny Hall along with the whole team at the award-winning agency, TPF.

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