We have data from 1000’s of participants showing how buddyboost benefits  workplace wellbeing, but hearing from the HR Directors, Wellbeing Leads and past participants themselves is sometimes even better than looking at the numbers…

buddyboost proved to be much more than just about physical activity. The community engagement and peer support were powerful aspects and it really created a buzz among our employees. buddyboost seemed especially effective among those who were less active , which is just what we wanted. There is definitely demand within our organisation to do it again.

Matthew Peace

Director of Communities & Wellbeing, West Berkshire Council

buddyboost was a great tool to help our staff be more active after a tough period in the NHS. Engagement levels were excellent, the data showed a big uplift in activity and mood, and the community feed in the app was fantastic for enabling colleagues to connect with each other in a really fun way. Can't wait to do it again.

Matthew Green

Health & Wellbeing Lead, Royal Berkshire NHS Trust

Biffa recently did a two month buddyboost challenge as part of our company-wide wellbeing programme. We saw a really good impact on people’s mood scores as a result of their being active every day – and this was even more noticeable among those who weren’t doing much exercise before the challenge. The community feed is a great feature for bringing people together and the service from the buddyboost team was first-class from start to finish.

Russell Turner

Head of Health & Wellbeing, Biffa

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The benefits of wellbeing in the workplace

Our partnership with buddyboost has got off to a flying start. We wanted a challenge that could help us be healthier, happier and able to connect in a fun way with colleagues that we haven’t been able to see over the last year.
During May, in teams of 6 we’re challenging everyone in the organisation to get moving for 26 minutes every day and goodness me we are a competitive bunch.
Our social network is buzzing with posts about how well people are doing and
Importantly it’s also bringing together people that wouldn’t normally work together or have any reason to connect.
I’m hearing that our teams have boosted their mental well-being as well as their physical well-being which in times like these is such an important thing, living a better life at work away from the steering wheel and the pc screens. So onwards with the rest of the challenge - time for me to go for today’s run!

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Carla Stockton-Jones

UK Managing Director at Stagecoach Group

Having recently launched buddyboost across EMEA it is great to see so many employees from different countries encouraging their colleagues to do their 26 minutes exercise. Making connections and improving wellbeing, nice!

(Posted on Linkedin)

Richard Mayhew

Chief People Officer EMEA at Edelman

We’ve had great feedback from our buddyboosters too!  They’ve shared stories from the challenge in the community feed and on social media how much they have enjoyed taking part in the buddyboost chaellenge. Some of our favourites are below or  you can see more on Instagram & Facebook

benefits of wellbeing in the workplace

My first week at Stagecoach London and commuting in on the train daily so my average steps have gone up from 18,000 per week to 76,000 last week. I was introduced to Blink at the training school and found this challenge and signed up and the reminders have pushed me to go out and continue the trend today, 

What a fantastic tool to engage staff with building network and boost mental health and exercise. 



Get Berkshire Active: benefits of wellbeing in the workplace.

Can't believe the 26 day challenge is over, it's been great motivation to get me moving every day and I've loved the community feed and seeing what everyone is up to.


Get Berkshire Active

Yay, 26 days of 26 mins (at least) of physical activity is done!! I've enjoyed being a part of this challenge and doing different activities depending on my mood and energy levels! Great to see everyone else's posts and thank you team buddyboost for supporting us all!

Sunflower Ray

Get Berkshire Active