From underwater yoga to Paralympic medals, there’s something for everyone at buddyboost

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What do buddyboost, Richard Madeley, swimming cats, underwater yoga and swimming the channel all have in common? More than you might imagine.

What with cancelled Christmas parties and losing Richard Madeley from I’m a Celebrity, we felt the need to cheer ourselves up with a reminder that it’s not all doom and gloom. So, here’s a quick dose of boosterism to propel us into the festive break. And not just any boosterism – it’s buddyboosterism in the form of a quick look back at our first year and some exciting news for 2022.

Our year in numbers

We could write a long story about how brilliant buddyboost is and all the great things we got up to in 2021. But we know you’re too busy deciding what to get Aunty Jane for Christmas to bother with all that nonsense. So, here’s our 2021 in numbers:

  • 200,000: the number of different activities we saw recorded by buddyboosters this year. That’s a lot of walking, running and working out in anyone’s book
  • 10,000: the number of people who joined us for our buddyboost challenges this year. Our target is to more than double that next year!
  • 800: the number of stagecoach employees who took part in our biggest single challenge
  • 26: the average mood boost across those 200,000 activities was a gloom-busting 26%. So, it’s true, buddyboost does make you healthier and happier
  • 2: The number of paralympic medals won at Tokyo by buddyboost ambassador, Sammi Kinghorn.
  • 1: The number of people who did underwater yoga, swam the channel and posted a picture of themselves milking cows for their buddyboost minutes.


This view almost had us signing up to swim the channel next year… Almost!

Mindfulness, but not as you know it

OK, so that’s 2021 done then. Looking forward to next year, we wanted to let you know about a couple of things we’re quite excited about – starting with, drum roll please…the launch of a new challenge format called buddyboost timeout.

The idea is really simple; buddy-up with friends or colleagues and do something that you really love every day for a month. That can be anything from playing the guitar, cooking, knitting to learning a language – whatever floats your boat and helps you switch off and find a bit of joy.

buddyboost timeout is our (pretty unique) answer to mindfulness and we can’t wait to see the pictures and posts of people’s ‘timeout activities’ in the community feeds.  We’ll be launching it in the Spring and it will sit in the app alongside the existing buddyboost active challenge. So, if you’re one of our existing clients, it will be simple to unlock and give your colleagues a timeout boost.

And if you can’t wait until the Spring, drop us a line and we will arrange a demo for you.

P.S. In case you’re wondering what the connection with Richard Madeley is, well he was just there to grab your attention. As if a swimming cat wasn’t enough!

We’re already looking forward to 2022, so if you’d like to find out more about how buddyboost can help your organisation get healthier and happier drop us a message below or read more here.

Download our latest insights from our corporate challenges, and learn more about how you can use buddyboost to unite remote and office based colleagues below.