What is the buddyboost community feed?

The private community feeds are what clients and users often love most about buddyboost.

Employee engagement is key for all employers – whether it’s to support your employee wellbeing strategy, or simply to promote a healthy workplace culture.

It’s not easy to get people to engage with their wellbeing on a daily basis. And, we know that getting employees to sign up to a wellbeing initiative is only the start.

At buddyboost we believe in the power of peer support and the power of the group. So, we have dedicated section in our app to create ‘community’.  And, it’s proven to be the rocket-fuel in driving engagement and create a ‘feel good’ factor.

How the community feed works

Building employee relationships wellbeing changing workplace culture
Building employee relationships wellbeing changing workplace culture

And we know it works. Here’s some key stats from our user surveys:

76% - Shows my company cares about my wellbeing

65% - created a greater sense of camaraderie among colleagues

8.3/10 – average user enjoyment score

8.2/10 – want to do another buddyboost challenge again

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Improving employee wellbeing with buddyboost is more than just improving exercise levels

Wellbeing at work is an enormous area, from occupational health to hybrid working policies, from having a fulling job to feeling cared for and supported by those we work with and for. No one app, program, training course or policy is going to be a quick fix magic wand (no matter what some might claim!)

In all our discussions around wellbeing and what we do and don’t need to put in place for employees we have come to learn that it’s as much about what you do as how you do it. That wellbeing starts at the top, it’s cultural and it’s about relationships between line managers and their direct reports, expectations and engagement from directors and senior employees. These relationships and the engagement in the wellbeing are part of what really show you as an employer care and this goes a long way towards having a happier and healthier workforce.

That’s where our community feed comes in. Employees at all level in the business can interact, engage and feel connected to people they may not normally have an opportunity to speak to.  

The mental and physical benefits of daily exercise are well documented, we so often know what we need to do but find it hard to start. buddyboost will help your employees start, and maintain, healthier habits when it comes to exercise. Reducing stress levels, improving physical health and doing a whole lot of good in the process. Our community feed goes one step further to build on that sense of togetherness, showing you as an organisation care and sparking conversations and social connections that may not have happened. 

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