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what is wellbeing and why should I care

What is wellbeing, and why does it matter?

We are all told to look out for our wellbeing, but it’s a fairly amorphous concept, and pinning down exactly what it is can feel like nailing jelly to a wall. What is wellbeing? According to the World Health Organisation, wellbeing is “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Meanwhile, the New Economic Foundation defines it thus: “Wellbeing can be understood as how people feel and how they function, both on a personal and a social level, and how they evaluate their lives as a whole.” The What Works

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From underwater yoga to Paralympic medals, there’s something for everyone at buddyboost

What do buddyboost, Richard Madeley, swimming cats, underwater yoga and swimming the channel all have in common? More than you might imagine. What with cancelled Christmas parties and losing Richard Madeley from I’m a Celebrity, we felt the need to cheer ourselves up with a reminder that it’s not all doom and gloom. So, here’s a quick dose of boosterism to propel us into the festive break. And not just any boosterism – it’s buddyboosterism in the form of a quick look back at our first year and some exciting news for 2022. Our year in numbers We could write

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West Berkshire care homes get a (buddy)boost

Wellbeing is important for everyone. From sports fields to care homes…. Everyone’s invited It’s ironic that most activity challenges can be off-putting for those who would probably benefit most from moving more: being faced with a seemingly unattainable goal or seeing the fitness fanatics ‘smashing it’ can be very intimidating. That’s why we designed buddyboost to be for absolutely everyone: you can do any sort of exercise you want; it doesn’t matter how far or how fast you go; you just have to complete your 26 minutes and support your buddies to do theirs. And, as we saw this Autumn,

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It’s time to put employees’ welfare first – and here’s how…

“the emotional and mental health of their workforce is a factor organisations can no longer afford to ignore.” The great return to work is underway – and for many, it represents a welcome resumption of something approaching normality. But for many others, it is a source of anxiety and distress. While many employees have found working at the kitchen table surrounded by cereal boxes, toys and dipping wifi tricky, others have found the experience calming and reassuring, or have enjoyed the extra time for family and leisure. For them, the idea of commuting into the office is, at best, unattractive,

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Matt – an inspirational buddybooster

Matt Clifford, Accountant St Jame’s Palace Age 26. At the end of the St Jame’s Place buddyboost challenge, we caught up with Matt to find out more about his experience of the challenge. A bit of background on what your life was like before you started to exercise / have you always been active?I have always tried to be as active as possible. I was always active as a child, but starting my career and working around my professional exams meant I became hindered when trying to squeeze in my daily activity. Despite this, I’ve always tried to remain as

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Paigey – an inspirational buddybooster

Paige Farrell (‘Paigey’), Bus Driver, Stagecoach, Birkenhead. Age 30 At the end of the Stagecoach buddyboost challenge, we caught up with Paige to find out more about her experience of the challenge. A bit of background on you and what exercise means to youI was never really an active person and over the years a bit more weight creeped on and on and on. What made you start exercising?During the first lockdown I tried a weight-loss challenge with colleagues in Stagecoach – I felt sluggish and slow and generally out of puff doing any exercise. But, that started my journey.

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workforce wellbeing moves up the agenda

July at Buddyboost: Workforce wellbeing moves up the agenda

The reality of hybrid working means looking after employee wellbeing has never been so important. buddyboost’s clients have discovered a great way to help their employees feel healthier and happier as workforce wellbeing moves up the agenda.  Working from home is great, but certainly has its drawbacks. A recent survey conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) revealed that 68% of those working from home felt less connected to their colleagues than when they worked together physically. Moreover, 46% said they were doing less exercise, 39% had developed musculoskeletal problems, and 37% reported disturbed sleep. With the RSPH

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Toom – an inspirational buddybooster

Simon Tramalloni (‘Toom’), Stagecoach Operations Manager, Preston & Chorley. Aged 45. At the end of the Stagecoach buddyboost challenge, we caught up with Toom to find out more about his experience of the challenge. A bit of background on you and tell us about you and exercise! I joined the army straight after school at 16. In the military, physical activity is part and parcel of the job but also the structure of the days lends itself to doing physical activity. I did tours in Bosnia, Kosovo & 2 tours to Iraq. On the second Iraq tour in 2003, three

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