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buddytalks with Ian Martin

“it’s not about helping people to stop becoming irrational, it’s about helping them to recognise that they inevitably will. That’s the human condition; you can’t stop irrational thinking.” If you didn’t have time to listen to our latest buddytalks episode with Ian Martin  you can read the transcript below.  RT: Hello, I’m Ralph Tribe, hosting buddyboost’s buddy talks. As people will know, this is a series of podcasts focusing on workplace wellbeing, high performance, and happiness. I’m talking with various corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, elite athletes, and clinical experts about their thoughts on physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace. For

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Sport England survey suggests an epidemic of inactivity

With people exercising less since the start of the pandemic, there are fears for physical and mental wellbeing – but there are steps businesses can take to correct the problem A new survey published by Sport England has revealed that there are currently 12.5 million inactive adults in the UK, defined as people doing less than 30 minutes exercise a week. The figure constitutes a massive 27.5% of the adult population, prompting concerns about their physical and mental wellbeing. The Active Lives survey of 172,970 people counts activities ranging from walking to team sports as an activity. One of the

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Health tropes: True or false

We take a look at the received wisdom about certain health dos and don’ts, and assess the reality behind the claims. We live in a world where misinformation is rife. Fair elections are dismissed as crooked, the world is run by a secret cabal of lizards; nothing is so absurd that some people won’t believe it. This is true nowhere more than in the realms of health. Covid-related conspiracies include the idea that 5G masts caused the virus, that the vaccine makes your testicles explode, and that Bill Gates now controls us all. I don’t believe the last one –

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The complex challenge of balancing employee preferences and needs alongside organisational and team priorities

Building a climate of trust, showing compassion, cultivating connection, providing clarity and communicating effectively. After 18 months of widespread homeworking, leaders face the complex challenge of balancing employee preferences and needs alongside organisational and team priorities. With two thirds of organisations looking to implement hybrid strategies (CIPD, 2021), it is vital that we turn our attentions to finding that ‘hybrid’ sweet spot, blending the best of both home and office-based worlds, and promoting ongoing flexibility. Research by Dr Jo Yarker and Catherine Pugh, from occupational health psychology consultancy, Affinity Health at Work , has resulted in the formulation of their

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It’s time to put employees’ welfare first – and here’s how…

“the emotional and mental health of their workforce is a factor organisations can no longer afford to ignore.” The great return to work is underway – and for many, it represents a welcome resumption of something approaching normality. But for many others, it is a source of anxiety and distress. While many employees have found working at the kitchen table surrounded by cereal boxes, toys and dipping wifi tricky, others have found the experience calming and reassuring, or have enjoyed the extra time for family and leisure. For them, the idea of commuting into the office is, at best, unattractive,

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creating a sense of community in the worplace

The not-so-small matter of teamwork

Whether employees are at home, in the office, or hybrid working, creating a sense of community in the workplace has never been more important in the corporate world   The idea was nice enough while it lasted. We’d work from home forever more. We’d sleep in a bit, then pop on a towelling robe, take a freshly brewed coffee and a croissant into the garden and sit at the laptop in the sunshine. We’d be happy and relaxed, and super-productive, and we’d spend our lunch breaks laughing with our families and enjoying a slower pace of life. Yeah right. The

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The Time Struggle

Working from home is now a fixture – how can people balance work and life, and what can responsible employers do to support employee wellbeing? After a tumultuous and unsettling 18 months, one of the silver linings to a particularly dark cloud has been the confirmation that working from home can be productive and widely accepted. As we take steps back in the direction of a long-forgotten Shangri La called ‘normality’, it’s evident that home working will continue to play a part in the lives of many workers. A recent Flexjob survey of over 2,000 employees found that 65% of

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working from home employee wellbeing

The long term effects of working from home

Working from home – not changing any time soon, so we need corporate coping strategies.  It’s been 15 months since Boris Johnson first asked us to start “working from home if you can”.  For many (but not all), this was the stuff of dreams, with people spending more time with the kids, or ticking off domestic chores in work time – plus saving all that money on travel, coffee and lunches.  It was great. For a while. Fast forward a year and the reality is less dreamlike for many, although at the same time there seems to be mass acceptance

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