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free at home zumba class
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Free at home Zumba class

Have you always wanted to try Zumba? If you’ve always been curious to try Zumba but never found a class you’d like the look of

Do you remember when exercise was one of the best parts of the day?

Staying active as a child certainly seems easier, there’s no going to the gym in your precious spare time instead it’s called break time or PE and for many children the highlight of the day! From running around playing tag to climbing over the climbing frame staying fit and active is part of daily life. For many parents fitting exercise in around the kids busy schedule can be tough so why not get active with the kids this weekend? While Joe Wick’s lockdown PE class might be good for some kids not all children like to be so aware that they are actually exercising! This PDF from the Welsh Government is full of traditional playground games sure to get your whole family moving for your 26 minutes. Click here to view.  Let us know how you get on! Is it as easy as when you were 10? 

Fair warning. A buddyboost husband recently tried the monkey bars after at least 30 years since his last attempt and safe to say there was significant moaning about a shoulder injury for a week afterwards. We do not recommend approaching the play equipment in the park as if you are still a child. 


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