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We know it’s not always easy to drag yourself off the sofa or away from your desk to go and do a bit of exercise. When it’s cold or wet, or you’ve had a long day, the pull of a cuppa, a duvet and a box-set can prove hard to resist. That’s why we’ve been thrilled by how well our buddyboosters have stuck at their challenges over the last 12 months.

But, for some of you there will, inevitably, come the day when you’ll be standing there, trainers in one hand, TV remote in another, stopwatch in another, contemplating whether you should go to the doctor about having three hands. But you may also be contemplating whether to stick with the programme, or give in to temptation and settle into the sofa.

Which is when we have to channel our inner Olympian and look at the tricks elite athletes employ to make sure they stick at it.  Sammi Kinghorn, World Champion para-athlete and buddyboost Star Buddy, has some wonderful tips on keeping motivated.

“Firstly, don’t be too vague and non-specific about your goals. If you just set yourself the target of losing a bit of weight or prioritising your mental health, you’ve no real target to aim for. Instead, set a goal that you can then tick off at the end of the day.”

That’s why buddyboost’s suggestion of 26-minutes activity each day is key to our ethos: Not only will it help you towards your recommended 150 minutes exercise a week, but it is an attainable, tangible target.

Another key plank in Sammi’s motivational framework is the importance of involving other people. “Having people around to support and encourage us towards our aspirations often makes a huge difference as to whether we are able to stay on course.”

That is why buddyboost is built around the concept of using the support of friends and colleagues to keep things fresh and fun, and to ensure motivation levels remain high.  If you’re not feeling motivated have a look on your buddy or community feed, can you inspire some motivation in yourself from seeing your friends and colleagues achieving their 26minutes? Don’t forget on days when motivation is a plenty to post on to the community and buddy feeds to help you colleagues who might not be feeling so motivated. 

Meanwhile, another Star Buddy – former GB athletics coach Tony Lester – suggests a key to maintaining enthusiasm is to mix up activities. “Doing the same thing day after day can get a little boring – if the last 12 months have taught us anything, it’s that!”

The buddyboost model allows for any type of activity, from dog walking to dancing, cycling to circuit training, allowing participants to mix it up to keep things fresh, if you’re not sure where to start have a look at our community page to find the latest inspiration. 

We’re confident we can help our legions of enthusiastic buddyboosters reach their goals by keeping motivational levels high. And just think how much more you can appreciate a good box-set when your mind and body are telling you you’ve earned it.