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As Shakespeare once wrote, April puts a spirit of youth into everything – and at buddyboost we’re gearing up to do exactly that for a magnificent seven organisation.

This April, we’re incredibly proud to be running a challenge with the Berkshire West Integrated Care Partnership, a group of seven public sector organisations responsible for the health and social care of over 600,000 residents in Berkshire.

The people who work for these organisations provide vital services at the best of times, but the last year has seen them go above and beyond, looking after their communities through an unprecedented pandemic. After their Herculean efforts, it’s now time for them to look after themselves – and each other.

Working alongside Get Berkshire Active, buddyboost wants to help increase the health and happiness of as many of these local heroes as possible. And we are confident we can do it.

Our latest challenges have shown us just how effective buddyboost is. February saw the UK and much of Europe turned into Siberia (but with fewer reindeer and better wifi), yet we saw over 1,000 buddyboosters support each other to be active for 26 minutes every day. And their resulting boost in mood was spectacular – we saw an average uplift in mood scores of nearly 30%.

As if that weren’t incentive enough to be active, we’ll also be running a friendly competition between the seven organisations, to see which ones can log the most activity between 1 April (no joke) and 26 April. Just remember it’s a bit of fun – it’s not about the fastest or the furthest – every movement counts and every activity contributes towards the team total.

Brett Nicholls, the CEO of Get Berkshire Active, shares our excitement at the April buddyboost challenge. “We know how effective buddyboost is, having worked with them in other challenges. Part of GBA’s mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity, particularly with regards to mental health. We wanted to work with our local heroes to deliver a positive impact on their physical and mental health, in light of the incredible work they’ve done over the past year, sometimes to their own detriment. We are committed to working with Berkshire West ICP to improve employee wellbeing.”

We can’t wait to get started and to help this extraordinary collection of people get healthier and happier. It’s the least they deserve and we’re really excited to buddy-up with them.

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