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64% of UK adults are either overweight or obese, with lack of regular physical activity being a key reason. Since the pandemic, nearly 60% of adults report symptoms of anxiety and 36% of UK employees believe their productivity has been negatively impacted by a mental health issue.

The cost to businesses of deteriorating health and wellbeing is significant and growing – yet just 25% of companies have a strategic wellbeing programme.  This short video summarises a recent CIPD survey showing how a range of wellbeing indicators have changed since the pandemic.

Employee Wellbeing

buddyboost is an employee wellbeing tool delivered via an easy to use app. We use a simple challenge format to help improve overall wellbeing and to build employee engagement. Once a company embarks on a buddyboost challenge, employees download the app (complete with your organisation’s branding) and commit to doing 26 minutes of activity every day for at least 26 days in the month.

People form buddy groups to support and motivate each other, and everyone stays in touch on the app’s private community feed, posting messages and photos, boosting engagement and team spirit. 

The physical and mental benefits of the exercise, combined with the sense of camaraderie from the social interactions, has been shown to give a significant boost to participants’ mood, which is captured via a simple mechanic inside the app.

Here’s a short video showing you how it works

buddyboost works – especially for inactive people


41% increase in mood among inactive

64% of users said buddyboost created a sense of camaraderie among colleagues

38% more activity was completed by buddies than individuals

25% average increase in mood

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