Why choose buddyboost for your employee wellbeing programme?

The cost to businesses of deteriorating health and wellbeing is significant and growing, with the estimated direct cost to UK workplaces of poor mental health being over 70 million sick days each year, costing over £2.5bn in sick pay. And post-pandemic, employees are increasingly demanding that their employers pay more attention to their wellbeing.

IES studies have shown that an effective health and wellbeing programme can increase productivity between 10% and 17%, yet so many of these programmes fail to cut-through with employees. In fact, a 2020 US study revealed that most people stopped using their mental health apps by day 15.

buddyboost is different because people use it and it works.

Our unique buddy system and community features make people actually want to take part in a buddyboost challenge and mean that you’ll get mass engagement in your wellbeing programme right from the outset.

Daily in-app data, clear & actionable impact reports, plus the fact that buddyboost’s positive effect on overall wellbeing has been academically validated by the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University, will leave you in no doubt that buddyboost really does work.

Here’s a short video showing you how.

buddyboost covers 4 of the CIPD pillars of wellbeing.

Mental & Physical Health




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