July at Buddyboost: Workforce wellbeing moves up the agenda

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The reality of hybrid working means looking after employee wellbeing has never been so important. buddyboost’s clients have discovered a great way to help their employees feel healthier and happier as workforce wellbeing moves up the agenda. 

Working from home is great, but certainly has its drawbacks.

A recent survey conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) revealed that 68% of those working from home felt less connected to their colleagues than when they worked together physically. Moreover, 46% said they were doing less exercise, 39% had developed musculoskeletal problems, and 37% reported disturbed sleep.

With the RSPH launching a drive that calls for “employers to ensure that all employees have access to mental health support to help them cope with increased isolation and anxiety,” proven interventions that help organisations to promote employee wellbeing will be in high demand. 

The buddyboost difference 

buddyboost is a proven employee wellbeing tool, using a simple challenge format to help improve wellbeing and support employee engagement. Employees download the bespoke app and commit to doing at least 26 minutes of activity every day for 26 days in a month. They can form into virtual groups of buddies to help and motivate one another, and everyone stays in touch on the app’s private feed, posting messages and photos, boosting engagement and fostering team spirit. 

The physical and mental benefits of the exercise, combined with the sense of camaraderie from the social interactions, has been shown to have a significant boost to the mood of participants, via a score which they register after each activity. In fact, the data from thousands of participants shows that on average people get a 25% mood boost after doing their activity.

Workforce wellbeing moves up the agenda: Join the party

Already this summer, buddyboost has run challenges with companies including Stagecoach Group, Heathrow Airport, St James’s Place and over 30 companies across Liverpool in a workplace challenge. There has also been an international flavour to proceedings, with Sky Ireland and global communications firm Edelman ensuring that buddyboost has been operating everywhere from the Emerald Isle to Africa and the Middle East.

And the activity continues throughout July, with waste management service Biffa encouraging its 8,000 employees to get involved in the Biffa buddyboost challenge. June saw lots of Biffa employees take part in a 26-day challenge, but the company hopes that was just a warm-up as they encourage employees to get stuck into the main event this July. Assisting them in their buddyboost challenge will be one of buddyboost’s special star buddies, Tony Lester, a Team GB athletics coach.

Meanwhile, Knowsley Borough Council on Merseyside is encouraging local businesses to sign up to a special Knowsley Workplace Challenge, with over 20 businesses due to take part. It will mark the third such event on Merseyside, after successful workplace challenges earlier this year in Liverpool and St Helens.

As if that wasn’t enough, later this month, to coincide with the start of the school holidays, Bath and North Somerset Council is joining up with buddyboost to encourage primary school kids and their families to get active during the summer break. Local organisations, such as walking groups and sports clubs, will post into the feed and suggest activities.

These progressive and forward-thinking organisations signing up to a buddyboost challenge are looking after the mental and physical wellbeing of their people at a time when they need it the most. As Christina Marriott, the Chief executive of RSPH, says: “The changes in the way that millions of people are working has the potential for employers to rethink how they are supporting their employees’ mental and physical health… The best employers will set up their workforces not only to cope, but to thrive as we move out of the pandemic.

You can find out more about buddyboost here on the website. 

To find out how you can support employee wellbeing drop us a message below.

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