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Buddyboost is a workplace wellbeing tool which uses a simple challenge format where people buddy-up in groups of up to 6 and support each other to complete 26 minutes of physical activity a day for 26 days to improve their overall wellbeing.

The 26 is deliberate

Even the busiest people have told us they can fit 26 minutes of exercise into their day and, before they know it, they’ve hit the 150 minutes of weekly physical activity recommended by the Chief Medical Officer.

People can do any sort of exercise they want and it’s not about how far or how fast they go, just that they do their 26 minutes each day and have fun supporting their buddies to do theirs.

This means it’s really inclusive and everyone can take part

Simple, inclusive, effective

Unlike many workplace wellbeing tools, buddyboost doesn’t overwhelm people with data on calories burnt, miles covered, hydration levels and sleep quality. It is just focussed on the repetition of 26 minutes of exercise a day for 26 days and a simple measure of people’s mood.

buddyboost is inclusive, because people can do any sort of exercise they want – even a brisk walk counts. Nor is it about how far or how fast they go. They just have to do their 26 minutes each day and have fun supporting their buddies to do theirs.

We know it works: on average people’s mood increases by 25% on completion of their daily activity.

Here’s what a few of our buddies have to say about their buddyboost experience.

Connecting people when they are working apart

Our unique buddy-system is a great way of building team spirit and a supportive culture right across your company at a time when people will rarely be seeing their colleagues face to face.

The buddyboost app allows people to form virtual groups of up to 6 people, who then support each other to do their 26 minutes of exercise each day – providing an energising boost during the day.

Each buddy group has their own private feed in the app, where they can share comments, photos and boosts to keep each other motivated throughout the challenge.  buddyboosters can build up a record of their activity and mood, including winning digital trophies and medals.

Employee engagement is enhanced via your private company-branded buddy-board, housed within the app, where everyone can share how they are getting on. The app also allows a bit of friendly competition between teams with simple leaderboards.

workplace wellbeing
workplace wellbeing

Impact data

Research by REBA shows that only 25% of companies have a good understanding of the impact of their workplace wellbeing initiatives.

buddyboost has been designed so that you’ll always know the impact it’s having – both during an initial company-wide challenge and then over time as your colleagues continue to use it for their own team or departmental challenges throughout the year.

When anyone first downloads the app, they are asked about their current activity levels and their general mood. This provides the baseline from which we then show you the impact.

On each day that people complete their 26 minutes of exercise, they are asked to select which type of activity they’ve done & how they’re feeling, so we can show you how their mood is changing relative to their activity levels.

And because the app also collects which department they work in, you get to see engagement, activity levels and mood scores at a company and departmental level.

Simple to set-up

To join in, your colleagues simply download the app using a link unique to your company, buddy-up in groups of up to 6 and start the challenge.

There is no need to integrate the buddyboost app to any of your internal systems and all the data collected by the app is anonymised, secure and handled in a fully GDPR compliant way.

We even provide a ready-made campaign pack containing all the creative assets you need to launch your company challenge without having to burden your Internal Comms team with loads of work or engage an expensive external agency.

Star buddies

Many sports stars swear by the power of a buddy-system to keep them motivated during their training programmes and create a real sense of togetherness when it comes to game-time. So why not add one of our Olympians, world-cup winners and elite sportspeople to your company buddyboost challenge? They’ll provide a launch video, join a buddy group, make regular contributions to your company buddy-board and take part in an end-of-challenge webinar or bespoke face-to-face event.


Everybody loves a giveaway and you can choose from a range of buddyboost merchandise packs to encourage participation and reward those employees who best embrace the buddyboost spirit.

workplace wellbeing

The buddyboost basic package includes the kick-off campaign, an app with your company logo and private feed, monthly impact data and ongoing customer support. Annual licences cost as little as 40p per employee per month. Click here to send us a message and we’ll set up a call to discuss our packages in more detail.